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5 Ways to announce your engagement

5 Ways to announce your engagement

Congratulations to saying “Yes”. Shouting it from the roof tops may be very tempting right of the bat, but here are a few etiquette approved ways to share the fabulous news with friends and family:

1. Face to Face
Tempting as it might be to pick up the phone and call mom, you should inform your parents face to face, if at all possible. Even if you steer away from traditions it is the more respectful route and you definitely should start your marriage off right. Besides, what a priceless moment it will be to see mom and dad’s reaction when they hear the news!

If your parents live far away and they are not too technologically challenged, a Skype call should do the trick.
If this is your second marriage and you have children from your first marriage, they, and most often the former spouse should also be the very first ones to be informed. Parents, possible siblings, grandparents, kids…might just be a good idea to call a big family gathering and announce it to all!

2. By Phone
Our relationships with friends and family differ vastly and phone calls can be costly but ask yourself who in your close circle of friends and family might be hurt if you did not give them a personal call announcing your engagement. Make the effort for those close and dear to you.

3. Social Media
Once you have made sure that everyone who deserves a personal approach by you have been informed of your engagement, you can most definitely announce it to the world! Easiest and quickest way is off course through social media.

4. The Newspaper
It was quite a prestigious affair in the olden days to place an engagement announcement in the local newspaper. Why not indulge in this charming tradition and celebrate your commitment and love with your local community.

5. The Engagement Party
There is no better way to inform all your friends and relatives all at once by throwing a party. If you want to keep the real reason for the party a secret think of a good cover up story like a birth day or pre-christmas party. Keep in mind that the guests attending the party might also be expecting a wedding invitation, so plan your guest list wisely.

Remember to savor every moment of this period in your life! Live it to the fullest and always celebrate your love for one another.

MBD Team