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How to deal with meddling in-laws

How to deal with meddling in-laws

You are engaged to the love of your life, you and your family could not be happier! You are on cloud number nine and high on love and happiness… However, to your dismay, your families are on a warpath of meddling and fussing. You soon find out that your future in-laws want to plan the wedding and dictate to you and your fiancé what should be done. What to do?

Your fiancé cannot see their manipulation and meddling for what it truly is and believes that they are genuinely trying to help! A combination of despair, hurt, frustration and betrayal could erupt! WARNING! WARNING!

How do you deal with meddling in-laws or family members who undermine every decision you make in planning and preparing for the biggest day of your life?

Keep Your Cool
Meddling family members can be annoying and can bring out the worst in anyone! The best advice is to always keep your cool and try hard not to loose it! Tension and fighting can affect you and your partners relationship negatively, thus it is important to set the boundaries from the get go.

Decide what is non-negotiable and what is negotiable?
Start off by discussing your wedding with your soon to be spouse. Spend some time on deciding what are the things you have always dreamed of for your big day and decide which of these are non-negotiables and which items are open for discussion. Then decide which of the items you are happy to get family input on.

Delegate & Involve
Some of us may be overprotective and don’t necessarily want to trust someone else with what needs to get done, especially for such an important day. However, lets be honest you’re not superwoman and planning a wedding isn’t for sissies, so to get going set some basic ground rules so that there is clarity on what you expect.

Delegate tasks that match to what people are good at. If your mother is a brilliant dress maker, ask her to design and sew your dress. Be willing to compromise but maintain a balance so that you don’t end up pleasing everyone and end up with a result you will not be happy with.

If you are delegating tasks to your extended family and bridal party instead of, for example to an experienced wedding planner, remember to allocate enough time to get everything done and for those cases where a plan B might be needed.

When it’s all said and done make sure you are united in your decisions as this will be your first test of standing together and supporting one another. Be firm and respectful in communicating your needs and wishes and don’t kill the excitement for yourselves or anyone else.