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Asking HER to marry me…

Asking HER to marry me…

You have come to the realization that this woman is the only person you want to spend the rest of your life with. For you there is no future that does not include her but how to ask her to be your forever life partner?

Here are a few steps and ideas for you to follow, so let’s hit pause on those nerves for a minute:

1. Be absolutely 100% sure that she is the one
You need to be able to push aside family pressure, expectations and opinions from others and feel the absolute certainty in yourself that she is the person that you wish to grow old with. Hopefully you have given your relationship time to develop and mature as it is important that you truly know the person that you are committing to. It can be helpful to talk it through with a close friend or family member so that when you do propose you are fully committed to this decision

2. Are you sure that she will say “Yes”?
You will never know this a 100% but it will not serve you well if you are not sure as you possibly can be, that her answer will be “Yes”. Test the waters by having light conversations about marriage and commitment. You should have an idea what her views are and try and figure out if she is ready for such a commitment. Have a strong sense of her love for you and be sure she is in the relationship for the long haul. If you are not convinced, save yourself the embarrassment and give the relationship more time to develop into something deeper and committed.

3. Parental Etiquette
Family dynamics will differ therefore asking the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage will depend on her and her family situation. Bearing that in mind we strongly suggest that permission to wed their daughter is a practice that every gentleman should heed to. Yes, your girl might dislike the idea of you asking for permission but it is a great sign of respect towards her parents and you should definitely start your marriage of right.

4. The proposal
Call her best friend if you need help planning the proposal. She’s your best source of information to know what your girl is dreaming about.

  • Consider things the two of you love to do together. Do you like camping or cooking together? Go on a camping trip right next to the beach and while going for a stroll write “Will you marry me” in the sand or go for cooking classes and ask the instructor to have cupcakes ready that says “Will you marry me”. You can propose right there and then! The ideas are endless.
  • Keep in mind that if she is a very private person that she will not appreciate a big public proposal.
  • Look for a ring. You have the option to buy a temporary ring as some ladies prefer to look for their own ring but if you know what your girl wants, then great! Remember diamonds are not your only option (unless that is want she wants) so speak to your jeweler about the options available.
  • What is her favorite place? Figure out where you want to propose and when.

5. Practice & Propose
You wrote down what you want to say. You stood for hours in front of the mirror practicing and the day has finally arrived. Stay calm and let things unfold naturally. Remember, females have a sixth sense that can sniffle out almost anything. Keep things natural. Once you popped the question don’t be fazed with the reaction. There might be screams, tears and shock but once she said “Yes” don’t forget to put that ring on her finger! A big kiss afterwards will seal the deal!

Things might not go as you planned and if she says no react with understanding and remain a gentleman. She might need some time to think this through but nonetheless, always, always keep celebrating the love!

Proposing can be nerve wrecking but don't let nerves keep you from a fantastic new season in your life.

MBD Team