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Congrats you're engaged! What's next?

Congrats you're engaged! What's next?

Congratulations, you are officially engaged! The man in your life popped the big question, and your answer was a resounding yes!! Amidst all the excitement and happiness, you’ve called your parents, and your best friends and as the joy spreads from friend to friend prepare yourself mentally, because the moment you tell people that you are engaged, their natural reply will be, “congrats, so… when is the big day?”

Naturally your family and friends will hound you for details. Here are a couple or tips of what to do next:

1. Post It
The easiest way to let everyone outside of your phonebook know of the big announcement, is to change your relationship status on Facebook – as the saying goes, “it isn’t official until its Facebook official” (it also saves you airtime and lots of time calling up friends who aren’t that close).

2. Ring Shopping
If your fiancé already purchased a ring, splendid! Get the ring sized if necessary. Some men prefer their fiancés to pick out a ring, so this would be a good time to accompany Mr. Right to the jewellery stores you have made mental notes of to visit once the big question comes along!

3. Choose a Date
Note to self: people will congratulate you, they will rant and rave to see your ring and then the million dollar question will come: “what’s the date.” To preempt this, sit down with your fiancé and estimate an approximate time, you do not need be too specific, a vague answer will work perfectly well, for example, “we would love a spring wedding”.

4. Party
It is becoming common practice in Namibia to throw an engagement party, and before you set your sights on the official “big day” plans, enjoy every moment planning the party for your engagement announcement!

5. Revel
Most importantly, don’t do too much – enjoy and savour every second of every minute! Enjoy easing into the idea that your name will soon change and you will soon spend every waking moment with your loved one. Being engaged is the first step, so take a deep breath, because soon you will be taking the plunge!!