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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

So you enjoyed your engagement party and are settling into being engaged. Generally when people find out that you are engaged they will most likely ask you, "So when is your Big Day"?

It’s important that when you consider a wedding date that you remain open to considering a few dates versus having your heart set on a particular date. The reason for this is that there are many factors that will influence your wedding date. For example will the venue you have in mind be available on that specific date?

5 factors that you could influence your wedding date:

When we get engaged we are so excited about tying the knot that we often don’t stop to think about how long we think we should enjoy just being engaged? Take time out to as a couple discuss this and agree on the way forward. At the end of the day you must do what’s important for you both.

Significant Dates
These are dates that carry meaning for you as a couple or that are special to your families. For example it could be an anniversary or the date on which you got engaged. Contact your families to make sure your date doesn’t clash with another wedding in the family. Two weddings too close to one another may influence how many family members can actually afford to attend and you would want to avoid it becoming a competition.

Wedding Style & Season
Consider your ideal wedding style. Is it based on the seasons a winter wedding or summer wedding. Are there particular flowers or foods that you want to serve at your wedding that are seasonal available? If you are not sure what you envision then start by jotting down a few thoughts this will help you narrow down a few date options.

It is especially important In Namibia to consider your choice of flowers. If your flowers are in season and readily available they will be cheaper however out of season these can be imported but will cost you a pretty penny.

The weather can also play a big role in how your day plays out. Imagine getting married on the beach in east wind conditions? Not the kind of wedding I think anyone would enjoy.

Wedding Professionals
The best wedding professionals are often pre-booked and their availability may also impact your date especially if you have a specific vendor in mind. Peace of mind in knowing your wedding day will go off without a hitch and exactly the way you dreamed it would, may be worth the wait.

Do you have a particular honeymoon destination in mind? When is it peak season there and do you intend of jetting off on your honeymoon straight after the wedding? If so then you will need to work all these considerations into a wedding date.

Once again you need to be aware that being flexible in your dates and having a few dates in mind will make things a little bit more manageable for you. Your ability to be flexible will make your wedding planning journey less stressful.