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Popping the Proposal !

Popping the Proposal !

A new life begins with just one question… It sets of your future together. A note to all prince charming’s out there: “The proposal” is daring territory; so do not take it for granted!

A proposal may come as no surprise especially if the idea of getting married has been discussed at length and your ring shopping is complete, a formal proposal is necessary. As a matter of fact, it is a must!

The wedding proposal requires some thought and planning. Don’t forget woman all over the world ask each other one vital question: “So how did he propose?” Therefore, gentlemen, you have to ensure that your fiancé’s story is a magical tale conforming to all the “oooohs” and “aaaahs” and living up to all her expectations.

Women are intrinsically different, there is no one size fits all perfect proposal, but the level of effort you put in will surely earn brownie points to last a lifetime! Make a list of what your fiancé likes most, and if you know her well enough (which you should) you will be able to come up with a grand master plan to sweep her off her feet and receive a mesmerizing “yes, yes, yes!”

Some ideas and thought starters for the perfect proposal in Namibia:
  • Sundowners at the beach;
  • A romantic picnic at parliament gardens;
  • Romantic dinner for two at her favourite restaurant;
  • A romantic weekend getaway at a lodge;
  • A romantic walk in the veld at sunset;
  • A scavenger hunt with different clues (call in friends and family to assist);
  • Pamper weekend at a spa;
  • Reinventing your first date;

There is a growing trend in Europe where the “groom to be” hires a “hidden” photographer to capture the wedding proposal. Your fiancé will be knocked off her feet to see the photographs capturing her life changing romantic moment. The photographer should be discreet and innovative – can you imagine her excitement when presented with images of special moment to share with all.

Whatever you plan – try your utmost best to create the perfect setting, remember the proposal sets the tone, so make it worthwhile, and make it a lasting memory. Most importantly, it must be a personal affair!