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How to Prune Your Budget

How to Prune Your Budget

My pinterest wedding vs My actual wedding!
Ever heard the joke that each bride has two weddings? There is the Pinterest wedding and then the real wedding. Often we dream of our wedding day and meticulously craft each detail of what we want on Pinterest but when it comes down to the reality of our budget we are left slightly disillusioned and not too certain how we are going to make our dreams come true. But all is not lost gather your crew of personal cheerleaders aka your bridesmaids and prune your budget with the following approach:

1. Simplicity & Non-Negotiables
Audrey Hepburn was quoted as saying the ultimate sophistication is simplicity. If you need to prune your budget into submission and still have the Big Day you dreamed start by looking at your wish list and selecting the items that in your mind are non-negotiable. If it helps you, you could even rank these in order of importance from non-negotiable to the negotiables.

2. Brainstorm & Creativity
Next apply Audrey Hepburn’s principle and apply creativity and sophistication to certain items. If for example your dream wedding cake is extravagant and adorned in beautiful detail, you could consider to minimise the detail or find a creative way to replace what you have in mind with an alternative that you will still be happy with? Getting a healthy dose of perspective is where your bridesmaids will play a role.

3. Time and Patience
This is a rather exhausting task and you might feel very torn between your budget and your dream Big Day. Applying this to your situation may also take a few days for you to arrive at what you would be satisfied with but don’t lose hope once you arrive at a point where you can squeeze as much as you can into your budget it will be time well spent.

To give you a few examples of my own: I really wanted to create a totally different experience for my wedding reception and that included draping the entire venue, I also wanted the bridal table with a backdrop of fairy lights. Additional to this I dreamed of beautiful flower arrangements on each table and on the bridal. I wanted the hall to smell like a florist. When I realised I was over budget I had to take a hard look at each item.

I started by saying to myself. I want my guests to party and have fun. So I knew that that’s where I would put emphasis and spend money the rest would become a backdrop. I decided an essential was the dancefloor not a wooden one but a black and white checkered dancefloor alongside a chill lounge.

To free up the budget for this I let go of wanting the flowers and instead incorporated my wedding colours into the tablecloths and used glass vases with submerged LED’s as the centrepieces. Instead of draping the entire hall I created emphasis on one draped wall and used my colours in the spotlights that lit up the draping. The end result was that the guests did party the night away and the night was perfect.